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This is a flamingo themed blog. I just finished two flamingo projects and I read today that the factory that makes the classic flamingo is closing Nov. 1. Will they become collector’s items? Anyway… mine are recycling projects. One is painted on an old window and the other is made out of an old golf club, nails, and metal washers. My daughter-in-law, Christina had the idea to make the golf club ones, so one of them is hers. The last photo is the designer of the original birds surrounded by his creations. I’ve been trying to get more in touch with my pink side lately.

Art Money

I think that this is an interesting concept. A man named Lars Kraemmer in Denmark came up with the idea of Art Money . Click on the link to read his story. People from around the world have created their own art money. You must send 3 of your money creations to the BIAM
(Bank of International Art Money) where they post examples of each artist’s work. You can send them others which they will sell for you. Each art money starts out with a value of 20 Euros ($24 US) and increases 5 Euros per year for seven years. You can spend them with participating businesses for a percentage of your purchase or redeem them with hosts around the world for one night of lodging per art money. Sounds like fun. I couldn’t resist. Here is the page with one of my art bills and my profile.

Submission to Artitude Zine

I submitted a piece to Artitude Zine for one of their challenges. I didn’t make it into the zine but they published it on their website in the gallery. Artitude Zine It is a wooden book box that is collaged inside and out, so there are two photos of it. The theme was “Books” so it has words and art pertaining to books. On the inside is a picture of my son Zach when he was about 4 and he had fallen asleep with his book. The next challenge theme is “Trees” and is due November 7 so I think I may try to come up with something for that one.