Monthly Archives: September 2007

Found Art

This is a found art piece that I made from my digital collage, watercolor background, paper bead, and a 3-D butterfly. I will leave it at the hospital today.

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Canning Time

I just checked a new book out of the library called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kinsolver. It is about how her family lived off of the fruit of their land plus locally grown produce for a whole year. I’m … Continue reading

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Life Comes At You Fast

I think I would like to have just one dull, uneventful day…maybe not a lot of them…just one or two. On Saturday while we were helping one son and daughter-in-law into their new home, I got a call from my … Continue reading

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Cup Overflowing

Wow! Just when I think life will be a little calmer, my days fill up more. I have been a little remiss in my blogging because everyone else’s agenda overtakes my own. That’s okay. I guess that’s why I’m here…to … Continue reading

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