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New Materials Bring Fresh Ideas



Leather with hand dyed silk wrap, ancient Chinese coin, abalone, and Amazonite

This is a bracelet that I made from the hand dyed silk that I bought from the Beaded Bungalow in Nashville. I love this stuff! I might have a hard time selling this one. I could just eat those colors, they are so yummy! Thanks to Steph for the creative input.

Everyone is enjoying springtime in Tennessee. Maisy, the neighbor’s horse is checking out Steph and me on our walk. Hubby and his brother are trying to snag a few crappie in the pond

When Bloggers Get Together

Well…this is the first new post on my new website. I’ve got to get a little tutoring on how to make this all work the way I want it to. The design is by Scheitel Design, a web design company operated by my son Zachary and his assistant Joey. Many thanks to them for the beautiful, new design!

The site has been up and running for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t have time to post anything for a while, because I was busy having fun with my blogger friend Steph, from Belgium (a.k.a. Vladthebat.) The visit was much too short! We spent hours in the studio working on polymer clay projects and other jewelry. I always learn so much from her.



She came bearing gifts of course. The beautiful butterfly necklace and bracelet and turquoise stone were from her, along with a wonderful stash of Belgium chocolate. The chocolate disappeared to quickly to photograph. :-)



We took long walks through the countryside. I took her off-roading in our Rhino. We planted flowers and enjoyed the spring weather. The bird in her hands is one that she rescued from Bella the cat. On Wednesday, we took a trip to Nashville and went to bead stores, the newly renovated Opryland Hotel, and a healthy Whole Foods visit.

Friday came too soon and sadly, I had to drop her off at the airport. My husband always threatens to write her a doctor’s excuse so she won’t have to go home. She is officially a part of the family.

Merci Steph for a wonderful visit! You are welcome any time.


Crocheted yarn flower necklace.


More polymer clay moths.


Love Is In The Air!


What a beautiful day! I went for an afternoon walk around the pond with my sweetheart and had to take a few photos to share. The air resonates with the love songs of hundreds of frogs and toads. They got a little shy when I went around to photograph them, but I managed to find one who wanted to pose.

They have decorated the edges of the pond with thousands of eggs. The beautiful strings are like necklaces adorning the grass and weeds in the water.
If all of these manage to make it to adulthood, we will have a plague of Biblical proportions. Fortunately, (or unfortunately if you are a tadpole) not all of them will make it, but some years we have hundreds of tiny toads migrating from the pond to the forest.
I had to stop and feed the neighbor’s horses some apples that I had saved for them. They seemed to appreciate the attention.


These are little Ipod holders made from recycled, felted wool sweaters and transferred photos and vintage buttons. They will be at this month’s Silo Studio Sale.


New Additions


There are seven new additions to our menagerie, 5 Americauna and 2 Barred Rock chicks. I have been wanting some new chicks for a while. Many years ago, when my children were young, we had 29 chickens. That was a bit too many. My DH got burnt out on eggs for a while. He will just now eat them again.

I took them out for a little sunshine and put them in the outdoor run of their future home. Maggie was fascinated with them…unfortunately. She found a small hole in the chicken wire and made it bigger and almost got to them. Thankfully, I found it in time and rounded them up and took them back inside. At least I found the weakness in the wire and know how to make it secure now.


See the mischief in her eyes?

There is a bit more to do to prepare their home, but they still have a week or so to grow, so I will not be rushed.

I’m so excited that it is spring! All I want to do is be outside and garden and enjoy the GREEN!
Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing! My creativity this time of year is directed out of the studio and outside. What a blessing to experience spring in Tennessee!