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Autumn Colors


Blazing colors are igniting enameling inspirations.

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From our random pottery and glass shards, I am trying to craft a memory of an ancient place and time, combined with a bit of my imagination. What these simple shards lack in beauty, they make up for with their history. Thinking of the people who made and used them, and what event caused them to be shattered adds a mystery to be explored.

Some of the beads in this one were from Israel also and some were lampworked by me and the unglazed clay ones were made by my friend Steph (aka Vladthebat.)



Timely Treasures

A gift from Steph…a treasure trove of beads and things…and bars of yummy Belgian chocolate…wonder where the chocolate went!

Merci Beaucoup!

Digging Israel


If you noticed a bit of silence for a few weeks, it is because I was away in Israel volunteering with an archaeological dig. My dream trip! As you can see from the picture below I was ecstatic to be there. There was so much new information for my brain to process, it will take a while for it all to come out. What an inspiration!


Along with seeing the usual sights, we spent a lot of time under the ground in a massive cave system that extends under the Old City of Jerusalem. We were digging in a couple of different areas of the cave. No great discoveries were made on this trip, but the usual pottery shards were found that are one of the main methods that archaeologists use to date a site. We were working in cooperation with the Israeli Antiquities Authority and they will publish and official report of their conclusions at a later date.



My job was to scrub, sort and label the pottery shards and other artifacts that we found. This allowed me to be above the ground most of the time during the second week of the dig. Our archaeologist would sort through the trays at the end of the day and say what was significant and what was not. We got to keep many of the pieces that were not helpful for dating. They were interested in the handles, and rims and anything that might have a design on it. We also found many cut stones that were used in mosaics, small pieces of glass, and bones of whatever the people had for their meals, mostly lamb. Each piece was tagged with the area and layer it was found in.



It seems that just about anywhere that there is bare dirt in Israel, you can find pottery shards. I picked some up at several locations that we visited. Outside of the cave where we were digging, they were doing some construction work and I found several pottery shards and some old glass. It seems that after a century or two in the soil and climate of the region, the glass develops a patina that is iridescent, or almost like an opal. I brought back several pieces that I am incorporating into some jewelry along with some of the pottery shards. I will post some of them in my next blog post.






Sweet Inspirations


Wandering through the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem is a feast for the senses! This colorful candy was an inspiration when I began experimenting with torch fired enamels recently. When I was in college, I had a semester of enameling and we used a kiln. When I found out that it could be done with a torch as well, I got so excited that I immediately ordered some enamel powders and started playing. I already had most of the tools and materials and a working knowledge of how enamels were used so I jumped in with both feet. It was hard to stop once I began. My palette is limited, but now that I know what I’m doing, I will order more colors. These are a few of my new creations.