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More Bezels

I’m still having fun with the bezels. Now I just have to be on the lookout for some more cool stones.
These two necklaces are available at this time at Cliques Salon in Columbia. When they’re gone…they’re gone. I maybe be able to make something similar, but most of my pieces are
one of a kind. Paint jasper and yellow jade
Tiger eye, porcelain, shell, and glass

Kritters: Current and Ancient

Animals never cease to amaze me. It is good that I live out in the country, because they are all around me…my own and the wild variety. The picture above is wild turkeys and Canada geese sharing a meal together beside our house.
This little guy has made my hanging planter a home and captures insects from his perch. He looks like a little metal sculpture that has developed a beautiful patina.Even the dogs like to join in on the chores. Every time I start the mower, Milo comes running. He thinks that it is his job to keep me company while I mow. Maggie thinks that it is her job to get in the way and chase grasshoppers.
This is Bella’s favorite sleeping position. I don’t know how many photos I have of her in this position. I can’t resist snapping a picture.
I’ve always loved fossils ever since I was a small child. The playground of our elementary school was full of fossils and I’m sure I worried my mother by coming home with pockets full of them. I’ve had a pair of these ammonite fossils for a few months and had experimented with various ways to showcase them and I finally settled on a bezel setting. I will sell one and keep one for myself.

The starfish on this necklace is a pewter button from a dress that I bought at the thrift shop and threw away the dress and kept the buttons. A reminder of my favorite place…the beach.

Rediscovering Bezels

I recently was inspired by a post by Julie (IsThereAShadow Aug. 9 post) to attempt to do some bezels again. I learned to do bezels when I was in college many moons ago, and for some reason I thought that because I didn’t have a fully outfitted shop like we had at college, that it would be too difficult to do with my limited tools. I also had never tried them in copper, only in silver. I’m glad I tried it again because I have really enjoyed the process. I love the way the copper is so malleable and forms itself around the stone when I gently hammer it. Here are my first two attempts. More will come.