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Rolling On The River


My family and I just got back from our yearly kayaking trip to the Hiwassee River in East Tennessee. With just enough rapids to make it a little dangerous and adventurous, and just enough calm parts that you can sit back and enjoy the scenery, this is one of my favorite rivers. There is one particular spot that we stop to rest and I always take the opportunity to gather a few stones to make some mementos of our trip.

I love these stones because they are easy to drill and carve. These will be available at Wall Candy Custom Framing and Gallery in Columbia, Tennessee. We will be having our September First Thursday Artisans Party on September 6th. Come on out and join us for the fun!

Goodies In The Mail



I just got a fun package of goodies in the mail from my friend Steph (aka Vladthebat) in Belgium. It’s always so interesting to figure out what needs to become of my little treasures. I’ve incorporated a few of them in some pieces already. Here are some of them.



Merci Beaucoup my friend!





That is the word that came to mind when I posted this necklace with an assortment of random, mixed charms. Mose of them are created by me, but a couple of them are not. It is currently available at Cliques Hair Salon in Columbia, Tennessee.

The bracelet is a pottery shard that has been framed by copper foil and soldered and combined with a mix of colorful beads. It is on a stretchy band so it is easy to wear. It is also available at Cliques.



I think that I have been a bit obsessed with probiotics lately. They are so crucial to health and life in our bodies. Once the good bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics, chlorine, and antibacterial everything, our health will suffer if we don’t replace it with good bacteria in the form of yogurt, kefir, kombucha, supplements and cultured vegetables. They will fight the bad bacteria, create nutrients, and generally add life to our whole system. We were created to need them.

The same concept applies to the world. There are so many choices in the world that are anti-life. We have only to turn to our Father’s written word to learn the ways that He created to bless us and give us life. When we walk out those ways, we bring life and light to the world and blessings will automatically follow. Choose life! Be a probiotic!

This poster was inspired by a teaching that I heard from my friend Jeff Gilbert. It is mixed media acrylic and ink with an ink outline Photoshop filter applied.