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Flea Market Day

Last Friday was the start of flea market weekend at the Nashville Fairgrounds. I love to have a free afternoon to wander and peruse the wares.

This mirror was very intriguing for a self portrait shot.
Of course you can always find cowboy boots in Nashville.
I love the big letters.
This vendor had spelled out various words all over the pavement.

And this is the treasure that I went to find…loads of new beads and cabochons to make some new creations. To top off all of that inspiration, my new issue of Jewelry Artist magazine was in the mailbox when I got home. Woooooohoooooo….studio, here I come!

Copper Creations

I’ve been thinking about new textures and shapes lately to try to break outside of the familiar. First I trace around the stone on my sketchbook and experiment with different shapes for the backing. I am pleased with how these two new pieces came out. The unique chain in the top one was given to me by Steph.
These should be on display next week at our Gallery Friday Event in downtown Columbia, Tennessee. Here is our new sign that I just completed for the gallery. Things are coming together for another great event.


My favorite time of year is here! The green is so wonderfully bright that it keeps stealing my attention from other less interesting things. Lunch on the deck is an event to look forward to, even if my cat does want to share it with me. The studio is calling though, and I do manage to put in some time there. Opening the windows and letting in the fresh air helps to bring a little of the season into my workplace.

Time Flies, Be Happy

Dyed Jasper and Copper

Also…Silo Studio’s Studio Thursday is back for an encore this month since so many people were on spring break. Shawn and I are restocking so there will also be some new stuff, just in case you didn’t get enough of it last week.

Productive Day

I love having a whole day at home to create. Of course there is always housework to be done too, but in between 6 loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, I managed to get a bit of creating done too. Studio Thursday is coming up this week at Silo Studio so it’s crunch time. The theme this month is gardens so Shawn asked me to make some things with the outdoors in mind. There are birdbaths/feeders made from old silverplated and brass serving pieces.

Mini terrariums with handmade polymer clay mushrooms.
Herb markers made from old silverplated flatware.
I also made some cowgirl necklaces with little pony charms for the Columbia crowd. Mule Day is coming up this weekend so get ready to party.

Amazing Evening

The first Gallery Friday at Where’s the Art was a huge success! I estimate that around 300 people showed up for our opening night. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. See our website for more information on the artisans and the event.

It’s been a busy week with the gallery opening and Passover week so I’m hoping to get to work tomorrow because Studio Thursday at Silo Studio is coming up this week and also I’m working on a necklace Round Robin with Steph, Lucie, and Lindsay. That’s got to stay under wraps until the unveiling when we are finished. Lots to do and not enough hours in the day.