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Lemon Lime Turquiose and Copper Necklace

This is a necklace that I made a while back and thought that I had posted a picture of, but after looking at my earlier posts, I discovered that I hadn’t. The focal point is a cabochon of yellow turquoise that I bought at the Nashville flea market a couple of months ago. I just added it to my Etsy shop.

I went back to the flea market last Friday and loaded up on gemstone beads but now that I have them at home, I’m at a loss for what to do with them. Did you ever go grocery shopping and come home and fill your pantry and refrigerator and then not know what to make for dinner? That’s how I feel.
I’m hoping that it will all come together at some point. I’ll find just the perfect piece to spark a connection with the other materials that I have on hand and tada! it will just about make itself. Sometimes I think that I don’t really create the art, but the materials tell me what they want to become. Not literally, but it kind of works that way. If I try to force it, I usually don’t like the outcome. Maybe it’s just a Spirit thing.

Spring Growth

After the drought of 2007, I don’t think I’ll ever complain about rain. This has been a rainy spring and I love it! Our pond is full and everything is getting green.

Small harvests feed the soul.
Unexpected things sprout from gardens and flower pots.Despite the beautiful warm weather luring me outside, I have managed to do some creating. I wanted to do something other than jewelry. I had some scans of collages that I have done, that I printed onto iron-on paper and transferred onto muslin. Then I sewed them onto some canvas along with some paint and trim and made purses.
Stop Worrying and Start Living
Time Flies Be Happy

No Pouting

Button, Button

Little rings made from vintage buttons.

Wicked Winds

If you’ve been watching the news at all, you may have heard that we have had some tornadoes here in Tennessee. The worst ones hit about an hour away from my house and the most damage was in my sister-in-law’s neighborhood. They were not at home when it hit, but her mother-in-law was at the house and found shelter in a bathroom. Windows were blown out and the inside of the house is plastered with glass, dirt, and grass. The roof was raised and the house shifted on its foundation. Their neighbors weren’t so lucky. Here are pictures of the houses surrounding them, or what’s left of them. Amazingly, in the whole area, only two people were killed.

This house next to them was moved 15 feet back off of its foundation.
The one behind them lost its upper story and the one beside that was totally destroyed.

We went to help them move out to a temporary home. The response of the community was heartwarming. Several times during the day, groups of people would come by and offer us food and drinks. It is great to see how people come together during a crisis.

Amidst all of the excitement, I have managed to get some work done.

Recycled Spoon Bowls
Be Thou My Vision