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Orphaned Earring Finds New Home



A friend of mine gave me this cool, dangly earring. I just had to find a use for it. I embedded it into molten pewter along with a piece of hammered brass wire. Then I stamped a design into the pewter and combined it with some funky wooden beads and a chain made of hand hammered metal links with brass beads. Neutral colors will allow this necklace to go with any outfit.

Then I got hammer happy on my anvil and made a bevy of bangles with all sorts of fun beads. You could wear them alone or combine them with other bracelets for that gypsy look. The old hippie in me likes that idea. :-)


Well, this necklace is a little bold, but sometimes you just have to make a statement. A piece of re-purposed tin with an image of a cowboy and the Alamo are the central elements. It is cold connected with brass rivets to a piece of hand cut and hammered copper with the word “courage” stamped onto brass and riveted on top. The dangles are made of 22 cal. bullet shells. The back of the necklace is leather for a comfortable fit on your neck and it is long enough to slip over your head without a clasp. It also includes stone, wooden, and glass beads.

Yeee haaaa!

Don’t you need this for your rodeo attire?

Yummy Beady Colorful Fun

I don’t know what it is about these beads…they are sooo yummy I could eat them. I am enamored by powder glass beads. I recently found a vendor at the Nashville Flea Market who had a large stash of them. He was showing me the little mold that they make them in and the tools used to take them out. Fascinating! Here is a Wikipedia link about the types and processes involved in making them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powder_glass_beads

The colors inspired me to make some torch fired enamel dangles for this necklace to match the red. Also included are some glass, stone, and ornate copper beads.

Then I got on an earring kick. More torch fired enamel, 22 cal. shells, turquoise, trade beads, funky colored faceted crystals, copper beads, some kind of iridescent drusy round stone beads…all kinds of tasty treats to go around.


Each one is a little bit different. Why blend in with the crowd? Wear a piece of art!