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Orphaned Earring Finds New Home



A friend of mine gave me this cool, dangly earring. I just had to find a use for it. I embedded it into molten pewter along with a piece of hammered brass wire. Then I stamped a design into the pewter and combined it with some funky wooden beads and a chain made of hand hammered metal links with brass beads. Neutral colors will allow this necklace to go with any outfit.

Then I got hammer happy on my anvil and made a bevy of bangles with all sorts of fun beads. You could wear them alone or combine them with other bracelets for that gypsy look. The old hippie in me likes that idea. :-)

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  1. Steph says:

    Woww and woww! I love what I see… and I can imagine you making these in your wonderful studio! :)

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