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Autumn Glimpses


The garden gave up a few morsels before frost. It’s sad to think it is done, but nice to have a break from figuring out what to do with never ending squash. I found the mushrooms growing by a straw bale. I didn’t know what they were so I got out my trusty mushroom field guide and tried to find them. Making a spore print is a crucial part of the identification. They had white spores, but I couldn’t figure out what they were, so I threw them out. They were very photogenic though. :-)



The sunrise is an never ending source of inspiration to me. Now that the sun is coming up later, I get to experience it more.


They early morning mists draped all of the spider webs with strings of pearls. It seemed as if every tree and blade of grass was decorated. It’s kind of scary though to think of how many spiders there are out there making all of those webs.


I couldn’t resist a little photo manipulation with the webs and some tree photos superimposed on each other. It reminds me of strings of party lights on an autumn evening.


My early morning walk turned into a collecting stroll. There is always something to pick up and admire if you only have eyes to see.


Tassels, Tassels Everywhere

IMG_1973I don’t know about you, but I always loved the fringy leather jackets of the 60’s and 70’s, so in honor of fall and the Bohemian spirit within me, I have been creating a series of tassel necklaces.

IMG_2868The case of the fringes are brass bullet shell cases. Don’t ask me the caliber. I don’t know about all of that stuff. My son does a lot of target practicing and I round up all of the brass that he doesn’t want and make things out of it.

IMG_1977I’ve also been making lots of crochet necklace/wrap bracelets with beads and pearls to layer with them.

IMG_2912These are available locally, but if you don’t live nearby, I can create a custom Etsy listing for you. If these happen to be sold, I can make more and even customize them with your own personal color scheme.


Published In Artful Blogging!

IMG_3271It’s finally here! I’ve known it was coming for several months, but until it was in my hands it was hard to imagine. Yours truly has a 3-page spread in Artful Blogging Magazine! They sent me a pre-newstand copy. The magazine will be available in major bookstores in November.

IMG_3267Many thanks to Stampington & Company, Somerset Studio and especially Danielle Mohler, the Managing Editor of Artful Blogging for this wonderful opportunity! I am so honored to be included with the beautiful, inspiring blogs that are featured.

IMG_3272It is so cool to see my photos of our humble country roads and barns and my other digital collages included in a magazine that I’ve drooled over for so many years.

IMG_3268If you want to venture out and pick up a copy at a bookstore like Barnes & Noble or order one or subscribe on their website, I promise you won’t be disappointed. The photos are all delicious and inspiration flows from the pages.

IMG_3269If you are someone who has your own blog, I encourage you to submit it to Artful Blogging or submit artwork to any of Stampington’s other beautiful magazines. You may get a surprise email telling you that you also be included. You never know….

The Mom Journal-Places To Go and Things To Do

 IMG_1957Someone is bored…as anyone would be in the situation. We had to plan an outing. With the help of our county transportation service, I was able to arrange a small trip to the local mall where we shopped and ate lunch at the Chinese restaurant. I think it was a great success, as you can see from the smile on her face. She pronounced it a good outing. I hope to do more of these as she is still able to enjoy them.

We had a small peek outside of the enchanted forest.