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A Little R and R

Hi everyone! I was away from my computer for a few days. (That felt really strange.) I’m back, trying to get back in the swing of things. We went to the Tennessee River to spend time with my mom, brother, his kids, and our son and DIL. The weather was great until just as we were getting ready to leave and then it turned ominous.
Here are some collages that my niece and nephew made one night. Aunt Sherry always has some art activity up her sleeve.I think they turned out great. Their mom does a lot of arts and crafts with them, so they are pretty creative.

Here are a couple of pieces of jewelry that I finished last week and a weird little mermaid.

Outside, right next to my deck, is the goose family feasting on clover, while the dogs are ignoring them just a few feet away.

The Family Grows

Well…I should post way more often, and then I wouldn’t have so much to say at one time. It has been an exciting week for the family. My husband’s youngest sister just had her first baby…a little boy named Nicholas. I’d post a picture but I forgot my camera when I went to visit. He is ADORABLE! That makes 16 nephews and nieces that I have and 6 great nephews and nieces on my husband’s side of the family (not including my two sons) and 3 on my side of the family.

I got in a creative mood and made him this stuffed sock critter. It was so fun, I think I’ll make some more.

I got an email from my sister today with a link to my Uncle David’s new website. He is a painter and was a painting teacher at Middle Tennessee State University were I went to college, though never took one of his classes. He wasn’t married to my aunt yet so I didn’t know him then and my emphasis was commercial art not fine art. I probably would be a much better artist today if I had taken his classes.
I wish you could meet him…he’s very interesting. There are a few paintings on the site but more will be added later. I am pleased to have four of his works at my house.

Of course I have been busy making more jewelry and here is some of it. There are too many to post at one time.Silver and freshwater pearls.

Behind the stone is my first attempt at PMC.

Now I need to get to work and clean the house and plant some flowers and replant all of our sweet corn that the crows have eaten. Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

Goodies Near and Far Away

I have felt pampered this week! First I got a wonderful beaded bracelet from my DIL and then on Monday I went to the mailbox and found this wonderful surprise package from Steph in Belgium. It contained a cute stamp that she had made and a couple of tiny handmade books, yummy chocolates, teas and other goodies. Thanks Steph!
Then I went to pick up my jewelry from Silo Studio and Shawn was cleaning up her studio and asked if I wanted these cool glove forms and a jar of old bottle caps. I was also going to buy this print but she insisted that I could have it. Fun stuff! Thanks to Shawn too!

These are pictures of my jewelry at her sale last week. I am having trouble figuring out how to display all of my stuff so that it stands out and doesn’t get too chaotic. Most of the necklaces are hanging on a tree branch. Shawn said that people liked looking at stuff on the tree.

The beaded cuffs bracelets are my DIL’s Christaloos.

Two New Necklaces

Here are the most recent necklaces of the week.

More New Jewelry

These are my latest creations. They are all destined for the Silo Studio open house next Thursday and Friday.

Whew! That was a lot of work…about a week’s worth. I’ll try to post more frequently so I don’t have to put so many in one post.
One last photo…the view outside my bedroom window on Thursday morning.