Goodies Near and Far Away

I have felt pampered this week! First I got a wonderful beaded bracelet from my DIL and then on Monday I went to the mailbox and found this wonderful surprise package from Steph in Belgium. It contained a cute stamp that she had made and a couple of tiny handmade books, yummy chocolates, teas and other goodies. Thanks Steph!
Then I went to pick up my jewelry from Silo Studio and Shawn was cleaning up her studio and asked if I wanted these cool glove forms and a jar of old bottle caps. I was also going to buy this print but she insisted that I could have it. Fun stuff! Thanks to Shawn too!

These are pictures of my jewelry at her sale last week. I am having trouble figuring out how to display all of my stuff so that it stands out and doesn’t get too chaotic. Most of the necklaces are hanging on a tree branch. Shawn said that people liked looking at stuff on the tree.

The beaded cuffs bracelets are my DIL’s Christaloos.
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