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I will be gone for a couple of weeks on an adventure…a little bit of treasure hunting.  I have a couple of posts ready that I will try to upload.

I’ve never tried to add posts from my Ipod, but that might be the extent of technology available.

If I can, I will post discoveries near and far.

La hit ra ot  (See you later)

Pearly Whites

Vintage silver plated spoon handles, repurposed costume pearls, glass beads

This is a classy little necklace. It would really dress up a little black dress. Also, they make a lovely little tinkly sound when you walk.

Buttons and Beads

Vintage mother of pearl buttons, pearls, stamped spoon handle

I raided the button jars today. These would be perfect for someone who likes to sew, or just likes nostalgia.

snaps, buttons, sewing machine charm


Found on my morning walk.

My morning walk inspired the color theme of the day.


All recycled beads from old vintage necklaces and a stamped paintbrush ferule.

Can you handle it?

Antique dresser handle, charms, watch case with photo, nest in a bottle amazonite stones

I found a use for the last two antiques dresser pull that I had. These were so fun! I’m looking for some more. If anyone knows any good antique shops near me, please let me know.

Antique dresser handle, crystals, agates, petrified wood, polished stones

A Little Whimsey

I was feeling like I needed to have a little fun. All work and no play makes for ho hum studio time. 

The central green bead was a gift from Steph.

Recycled tin working pinwheels. If you get bored, you can take these off and entertain yourself or your favorite small person.