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Altered Aluminum Can Doll

This is an art doll that I did for an exchage with the Altered Art Group. The challenge was to use an aluminum can to make the doll and to use every part of it. Some of the parts are not very conducive to altering. I considered just crushing the can and going from there. It was difficult, but I coaxed a somewhat human looking shape from a green tea can. I liked the design on the can so I didn’t cover it with paint. Her necklace says it all…”wierd”.

Fabric Squares

These are fabric, one inch squares that I just completed for a swap with my Altered Art Obscession group. I will be sending these to a lady in Canada, who will then redistribute them to other members. They were rather tedious to make but I have had plenty of sitting around time to work on them because I have had to sit at the hospital with my aunt (see previous post about her birthday.) She has been in the hospital twice in the past two weeks and in and out of the nursing home. Last Thursday, she fell and broke her hip at the nursing home. Two months ago, I visited her at her home and she made me peach pie and we visited and looked at old family photos all afternoon. Now she is almost totally helpless and very confused from all the medication. I have had lots of time watching her in the hospital, to think about death, helplessness, family, and loss of dignity. It makes you wonder how you would want to spend your last few weeks or months alive; aware but in pain, or drugged and confortable but totally confused. Most people say that to break your hip and be in a nursing home is almost a death sentence. She knows this too, and when she is aware it has to be going through her mind. All we can do is be there for her and try to comfort her. It makes you feel a bit helpless.
Cherish those around you and let them know that you care.

Altered Art Obsession Activity and Artella Muse

I have been participating in some art swaps lately. It’s kind of a side art hobby to connect with other artists around the country. One of the swaps was through Artella Zine and I received a package from a lady named Kelly Parker from Michigan. I am posting a photo of the dangly and card that I received from her and also she sent a small treasure chest of goodies to collage with. When I showed my husband and son, my son said with surprise, “So, there are other people out there like you!” I guess that’s what these swaps are about; to know there are other creative (maybe slightly odd) people out there like yourself. Another swap that I am doing is with Altered Art Obsession. For this one we have to make 12 tags and laminate them. We send them to the hostess who will collate them so that we will receive 12 different ones and she will attach them to a chain. I had fun making these little collages. Pictured are the fronts. The backs are collaged also.

Rocky Mountain High

I just got back from a ski vacation in Breckenridge, CO. I think I’ve had my fill of snow for the next couple of years. Here is a photo of our motley crew ready to brave the blizzard and one of dear hubby and myself on the mainstreet of Breckenridge. Last is a photo of the winner of the snow sculpture contest there. The title is Old Man Winter. Saturday I walked through town and visited several galleries. My favorite was the Huneck Gallery of Breckenridge. The gallery is full of pet art. It features the art of Steven Huneck and D D Larue along with various other artists. They are both so prolific and their art is humorous and inspiring. I also visited Arts Alive the local artists’ co-op gallery. There was a nice variety of different media and I had an interesting conversation with the lady working there about precious metal clay techniques, my next new medium to try. Then I went into the Fox Ridge Gallery that specializes in art glass. I bought a beautiful pair of earrings made of dicroic glass. A trip like that gets my creative juices flowing again. Now if I just had time to create uninterupted.