Altered Art Obsession Activity and Artella Muse

I have been participating in some art swaps lately. It’s kind of a side art hobby to connect with other artists around the country. One of the swaps was through Artella Zine and I received a package from a lady named Kelly Parker from Michigan. I am posting a photo of the dangly and card that I received from her and also she sent a small treasure chest of goodies to collage with. When I showed my husband and son, my son said with surprise, “So, there are other people out there like you!” I guess that’s what these swaps are about; to know there are other creative (maybe slightly odd) people out there like yourself. Another swap that I am doing is with Altered Art Obsession. For this one we have to make 12 tags and laminate them. We send them to the hostess who will collate them so that we will receive 12 different ones and she will attach them to a chain. I had fun making these little collages. Pictured are the fronts. The backs are collaged also.

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