I think that I have been a bit obsessed with probiotics lately. They are so crucial to health and life in our bodies. Once the good bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics, chlorine, and antibacterial everything, our health will suffer if we don’t replace it with good bacteria in the form of yogurt, kefir, kombucha, supplements and cultured vegetables. They will fight the bad bacteria, create nutrients, and generally add life to our whole system. We were created to need them.

The same concept applies to the world. There are so many choices in the world that are anti-life. We have only to turn to our Father’s written word to learn the ways that He created to bless us and give us life. When we walk out those ways, we bring life and light to the world and blessings will automatically follow. Choose life! Be a probiotic!

This poster was inspired by a teaching that I heard from my friend Jeff Gilbert. It is mixed media acrylic and ink with an ink outline Photoshop filter applied.

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