New Additions

There are seven new additions to our menagerie, 5 Americauna and 2 Barred Rock chicks. I have been wanting some new chicks for a while. Many years ago, when my children were young, we had 29 chickens. That was a bit too many. My DH got burnt out on eggs for a while. He will just now eat them again.

I took them out for a little sunshine and put them in the outdoor run of their future home. Maggie was fascinated with them…unfortunately. She found a small hole in the chicken wire and made it bigger and almost got to them. Thankfully, I found it in time and rounded them up and took them back inside. At least I found the weakness in the wire and know how to make it secure now.


See the mischief in her eyes?

There is a bit more to do to prepare their home, but they still have a week or so to grow, so I will not be rushed.

I’m so excited that it is spring! All I want to do is be outside and garden and enjoy the GREEN!
Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing! My creativity this time of year is directed out of the studio and outside. What a blessing to experience spring in Tennessee!

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