What Else Can I Put In A Bezel?

I was looking around my stash of random junk in my studio and wondering what else would fit in a bezel. I had a jar of sand worn seashell pieces that I picked up several years ago in St. Augustine, Florida that were waiting for their home in a piece of jewelry. They were an easy fit, along with a quote by my friend Shawn. “She dreamed of warm winds and salty skin.” It seemed like a perfect match.
What other unusual object could I find…..hmmmmmmm….what about that glass taxidermy deer eyeball that had been staring at me for a couple of years? Let’s see if that would work. With a little bit of grinding on the back, I managed to get it to fit into a bezel too. A little creepy…I know.

Next, something less creepy…some little brass birds on copper with lapis lazuli and brass beads.

Now, it’s off to my studio for more fun! I love my job!
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