Moonlight Serenade

After a snowy weekend last week, we had a mild weekend this past week and today I was wearing shorts and flip flops. It was delicious. Tonight the moon is full and the frogs and toads are performing a symphony in our front yard. Click on the video to hear the chorus. That will change tomorrow. Back to cold weather and rain. 🙁 The frogs will go back to sleep for a while.

I have managed to make a few new pieces from the items that I bought at the flea market. Here are some of the creations.

This necklace includes a jewel tintype from the 1800’s

Inside the purse are little pieces of history.

This necklace is color enhanced turquoise and coral with polymer clay beads.

This is flattened spoons.

My jewelry will be at Silo Studio this Thursday for the monthly Studio Thursday show. If you are local and have the time, check it out. Shawn has been her usual creative self and there will be lots of her fun furniture and accessories for sale also.

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