Red Sky At Morning

What a beautiful sky I awoke to the day before yesterday. The old sailors saying, “Red sky at morning, sailors take warning” couldn’t have applied to the rest of that day. It was a calm day, but yesterday, on the other hand was wildly windy. I could hear trees cracking and falling in our forest and trees were down on our road. Thankfully, they were not blocking the road.

“FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN”

I got a little work done before I had to go to town. One piece is a copper necklace that I have had the components of for several months, but just didn’t take the time to assemble it until today. I’ve been having a little trouble getting inspired lately, and I thought if I finished those little unfinished projects lying around that it would free my mind to create.

The other is another of my fused glass pendants made into a beaded necklace.

Also, last night I watched “Craft In America” a three part series made for PBS about the artists, origins, and techniques of American crafts. It was a beautifully filmed, inspiring documentary. I think that watching this will kick start my creativity and make me more focused on craftsmanship. It is available through Netflix.

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