Tag… I’m it!

Oh my! I’ve been tagged by Steph (Check out her blog, Vladthebatsattic). Now I have to think of 7 things about myself that someone else would find remotely interesting. I feel like such an ordinary person, that might take some stretching of my brain. Got to kick the left side into gear and give it a go.

1. I guess the one thing that I put the most energy into in my life is that I homeschooled my two sons all the way from kindergarten to graduation. That means that I taught all of those grades…twice. That seems like a lot to me, but I have one friend who has 11 children and plans to teach all of them the whole way, so I guess it’s not such a huge thing. I learned more by teaching them than I ever learned in my whole education up to that point.

2. My husband says that I’m the geek of the family. He means it as a compliment. He doesn’t do the computer at all and doesn’t own a cell phone. I have to run the DVD player and any other electronic device in the house. He could do it if he wanted to, but just doesn’t want to. I insisted that he learn how to use my cell phone. I made his website for his business, and I run the computer at church to put the words to the songs up on the screen. I love computers!

3. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. The only other thing I considered is archeology. I’d still like to do that. Maybe I could combine the two.

4. I’ve completed one half of a century and am almost a year into the second half century.

5. I can recite all of the presidents of the United States in 30 seconds.

6. I must have a twin or several twins because at least once a month some stranger says to me, “Do I know you?” or “I know someone who looks just like you.” It’s not just locally, it happens when I’m traveling too. I’m going to have to start asking them what my twin’s name is so I’ll know if it is the same person all the time.

7. I’m mostly vegetarian. Occasionally I do eat fish, but I don’t eat land animals. Is there a different term for that? I do it for health reasons, not because I’m opposed to people eating meat. I just think it’s better for you. My dad died of cancer and several of my aunts have had cancer so I’m just trying to improve my chances. I feel better too.
Well…that’s a little bit of me. I’d pass this tag along but everyone I can think of has already been tagged.

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