In Memory

I am sad to say that my brother-in-law, Donald Trader passed away last Saturday, October 11. He will be missed by all, especially by his wife and daughter. I thought I would post one of his paintings. He went through several prolific years of painting, but in recent years had stopped. I enjoyed his colorful, Picasso-like style. He also wrote stories and was an avid follower of politics and economics. He had lived in many places all over the world which gave him a unique perspective on life.

A couple of months ago, Don commissioned me to redo their bathroom because he knew that his health was failing and wanted to change their shower to one that was more easily accessible. As long as we were making changes, he decided that he wanted a mural of Poseidon in the shower. That has been the big project that I have been working on. It is complete except for some of the fixtures that will have to be done by a contractor. I thought I would go ahead and post it here. He did get to see it before he died, but did not get to use it since it is not quite complete.
These photos were taken before I grouted it. I think the colors show up better in the photo. They are done with vitreous glass tiles. The main mosiac took me 71 hours to complete. I’ve never spent that much time on any one project before. I just did it in 2 and 3 hour segments.

And I had to share this photo also. It is a shot of the full moon rising above our valley. I was just trying out my new camera.

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