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Message In A Bottle


I saw a cool video in which a guy used Photoshop to put a scene inside of a bottle that was floating in water. I know how to use Photoshop, though not as skillfully as that guy. I decided that I would try it with my Ipad apps.

I searched for an appropriate photo of a bottle in water. Here is one that I found in a random search.

IMG_1824Then I searched for a scene that would go inside. I thought a lighthouse would be apropos. Sorry, I don’t remember the site where I found it. Then I merged the two using my Procreate app, layering one on top of the other, erasing the parts I didn’t want, and painting in details. Not quite as slick as his, but I thought it turned out pretty well.

IMG_1826No picture of mine escapes having filters and textures added. I tried several iterations using my DistressedFX app. These are a couple of the 10 or so that I saved.

IMG_1829This kind of reminds me of a storybook illustration. Hmmm…if I fancied myself a writer I might try to come up with a story. A tiny world captured in a bottle…



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