Fun Outing and New Jewelry

Every once in a while it is good to go on an art field trip. It kind of gets the creative juices flowing. That’s what I did on Thursday. A local artist had bought some of my jewelry and emailed me and introduced herself. We sent several emails back and forth but had not met in person. She has an event at her house every second Thursday, called Studio Thursdays. I went to my first one last Thursday. Her business is called Silo Studios because their house is built around an old grain silo. It is the most beautiful and unique house that reminds me of a lighthouse. She makes wonderful, whimsical, colorful furniture, signs, and other cool stuff. I had a blast! She also asked me if I want to bring some jewelry to sell next time so I’d better get to work!
Two other new blogs are added to my links today. My daughter-in-law is launching a blog for her jewelry and my son is doing one just for fun.

I have been venturing back into soldering. I haven’t done much of it since many years ago when I was doing stained glass so it is taking some practice to get proficient again. Here are some new necklaces that are collages under glass. A couple of them are sold already. Yay!

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