Mosaics and Trashion Jewelry

I have been wonderfully busy lately. I love it! I’ve had about a month of jewelry orders from my sister-in-law who has been selling my jewelry at the hair salon where she works. Things have slowed a bit since Valentines Day is over, but the jewelry is still selling.
Today I got to work on a couple of pieces of jewelry just for fun. I’ve listed them in my Etsy shop. They are made from upcycled bits and pieces with found objects.

Also this week I’ve been doing a commission that is a piquet assiette counter top for an island in a kitchen. The home owner also owns an antique store in town and has been saving her broken pottery and dishes for years, which she wanted me to use to make the counter top. I ended up having to cover it with resin because the thicknesses of the shards were so varied. I forgot to take a picture of it completed, but here is one of before I grouted it.

Doing a commissioned job is fun, but what I enjoy most is doing my own thing. If someone likes it and wants to buy it, great, but it they don’t, then fine too. I’m just in love with the creative process.

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