Not By Bread Alone

It’s finally finished! I have been working on this painting for about a month and a half, off and on. It is to hang in the Community Outreach building at our church. We have a food bank there and feed from 60 to 100 families there each week. The building is kind of blank, so they asked me if I would paint a mural. They have been known to redecorate frequently at the church, so I decided that if I painted it on canvas, it could easily be removed when someone decides to do something different. The size is 6’x6′ and this photo was taken from the landing at the top of our stairs. I’m noticing that the lettering is slightly crooked. I have a hard time being consistent when I’m doing lettering. I also think that the holes were probably in Yahshua’s wrists rather than his hands, but that is the traditional view so for art’s sake that is the way I painted them, even though I tend to not be very traditional. The fan is blowing on it because the paint was not quite dry and I am impatient (I need a little work on that character trait.) I plan to take it into town today and deliver it.
It’s kind of ironic that the quote is about bread. A lot of our food that we give away is from the local grocery stores and they always seem to have a lot of bread that is ready to go out of date that they give us. Usually, when I help out, my post is at the bread table and I always have to persuade the people that they need 4 or 5 loaves, just to try to get rid of it all. A majority of them are coming to the service that we have before the food bank doors open so they are getting fed the Word also.

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