Yesterday my mom called and informed me that it was 105 degrees outside. I was aware of this fact because I had been outside watering plants and bushes for 3 hours. According to this will be the trend for at least the next week. Scary! To go with the theme of the heat, I decided to alter a paper fan. You know, the kind that they give out for advertising. I did a random one and then I got to thinking about people who would use a fan, and then hot flashes came to mind. I am very near that time of life, though I tend to only get warm flashes. So, then I decided to do a series of hot flash fans. I had just finished reading the blog of Michelle Ward and was inspired by her spray paint journal with stencils. I got some printed fans that I already had and spray painted them and added sprayed stencils and then some collage and glitter glue. The image is from a 1958 Maidenform bra ad. I liked the way it turned out and I may put a couple of them in my Etsy shop.

Meanwhile, I’m just trying to stay cool.

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