My Softer Side

It’s so hard for me to settle down to doing one thing for very long. There are so many fun things out there to do. I’ve been doing some crocheting, felting, and sewing lately. I crocheted a couple of purses that I finally finished yesterday and am listing them on etsy. I also started felting some more beads. Those are things that I can do while I watch TV (which I don’t do a lot of) or ride in the car. I made a necklace from some of the beads and listed it for sale too. The model for the necklace was my lovely daughter-in-law, Christina. I don’t know if these will appeal to anyone, but I can’t help making stuff and I have to do something with it. I’ve also found that if you don’t consistently list things on etsy, your item goes way down in the list and rarely gets viewed. Listing on a regular basis insures traffic to your shop. My goal of one thing every day was a little ambitous but one or two things a week is not too hard.

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