My Art Muse

If there is such a thing as an art muse, for me it would probably be my Aunt Marguerite. When I was a child, my favorite place was my aunt’s attic bedroom. She had it stocked with everything a child would need to be creative; colored paper, scissors, glue, fabric, a doll house. Any art materials that my sister and brother and I got at home that Mom probably considered too messy, wound up there also. I have saved some of the things that I created and scanned them all, along with some other items from her room. I think that she is probably the reason I chose to be an artist. She was never married or had any children, but lived with my grandparents to take care of them. I think all of us nieces and nephews were like her children. She would always take time to take us on walks to the creek or the barn and teach us things.
Tomorrow she will turn 84. I made her a card using a picture of her taken when she was around 20 that she gave me a couple of weeks ago when I went to visit. I hope she likes her wings. Happy Birthday Marguerite!

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