A Little Taste of Costa Rica

In the mornings, the locals would stake their cows and goats out by to beach to graze. This was between our house and the beach.

My family and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica! It was in celebration of my husband and my 30th wedding anniversary. Something that momentous deserves a special celebration. I will have more pictures when I get discs from my kids. They took way more pictures than I did. I’ve found that if I focus too much on taking pictures I miss being in the moment. I was trying to soak up every glorious moment of being there and enjoying time with my whole family together. I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and kids.  I am grateful to have gotten to experience this beautiful place and wonderful, friendly Tico people. Pura Vida! (Pure Life)

This is a red almond leaf in a little stream flowing from a waterfall in the rainforest. The beach was Limoncita.

We stayed in Tarcoles, which is a little fishing village. The boats were parked on the shore and sometimes they used a cart pulled by a cow to put the boats in the water and take them out.

I think they built this house to close to the water, or the water came too close to the house.

Our guide said that in the "winter" there was snow on this rock. (aka pelican poop in the dry season)

These horses were hanging out on the beach. We couldn't figure out what they were eating.

My only regret…they confiscated my seashells at customs in Costa Rica. They won’t let you take them out of the country. I had such plans for them….

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