Soft, Cozy, Warm, and Inspirational

What is it about winter that makes me want to play with soft wool and yarns in bright colors and neglect the cold, hard, metal and beads for a while? My hands have been busy while I sit and watch a movie, or travel in the car, or listen to podcasts. I’ve been knitting some fun, colorful hats. See my beautiful DIL modeling one. (The photo modification was done by my 12 year old niece as well) 🙂
I’ve also been recycling wool sweaters and making small purses and necklaces and cuffs. I was inspired by Keri Smith’s Living Our Loud- Activities To Fuel A Creative Life and I made some small, inspirational cards to go in and on the purses and cuffs.
Some of the purses are small enough just to be a necklace and to put some small tokens in. Others are large enough for a phone or Ipod.
These cuffs are made from recycled, embroidered sweaters with vintage buttons sewn on, along with the quotes printed on fabric.
I’m getting ready for January’s sale at Silo Studio coming up on January 21st. I’ll keep you posted.

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