Round Robin Reveal

At long last, it is time to unveil the results of our round robin which began in February of this year. Four artists have participated in this adventure. The beginning artist has finally received her necklace, so now we can all post them. The artists are Steph in Belgium, Lucie in Paris, Lindsay in Chicago, and little ole me, here in Tennessee.

We each chose a theme for our necklace, and mine was Vincent Van Gogh. I created the focal pendant, with the paintbrush and a couple of dangles, and the basic chain. Then I sent it to Lindsay, who added her contribution to the necklace, and then sent it to Lucie, and then on to Steph. We each added something of our own interpretation of the theme. Along with my necklace, I sent each participant a CD of Don McLean’s song Vincent.
Another part of the challenge was to create a bag which went along with our theme for the necklace to travel in.
Please check out the other artists’ sites to see their final creations. If they don’t have them up yet, they should soon, so check back again. I forgot to take a photo of the beginning of mine, so maybe one of the other artists can fill in that blank for me.
I also want to remind everybody that it’s time for Studio Thursday tomorrow at Silo Studio in Spring Hill. When I went to set up my jewelry today, the whole place was decked out with lots of colorful, new creations. The proceeds from her sales go to a worthy cause. To quote from her site: “But, bear in mind…when you make a purchase at Silo Studios, you aren’t just getting an amazing custom piece, and you’re not just saving one more bit of “trash” from finding it’s way into a landfill. . .you are actually saving the life of a dog as well. Over 80% of Silo Studios profits go towards the rescue of homeless animals. Snootygiggles Dog Rescue is a small group (consisting of Shawn and “a few good friends”) that takes in one dog at a time. The dogs chosen for rescue are truly the bottom of the barrel. . .the sick and the elderly that just need someone to give them a chance or even just the love to comfort them through the inevitable. It is why we do what we do.” Drop in and check it out! You’ll be glad you did.


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