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Back To Copper

When Steph came to visit, she brought me these green beads. The larger one had split in half to make two perfect cabochons. They kept calling to me from my bead tray to frame them with copper. My DH says they look like beetles. It also bothers him that I made the bottom piece asymmetrical. He likes symmetry. I tend to go for something different whenever possible.
This dragonfly was an attempt at etching. The veins on the wings faintly show. I need to tinker with my acid recipe a little to get a sharper image. The stones are carnelian.

This is a random assortment of stones, bone beads, and copper charms and spirals.

All of these will be at Studio Thursday next week at Silo Studio in Spring Hill.

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  1. beautiful necklaces!as far as etching goes, are you usung ferric chloride? Maybe you need to leave the pieces in a little longer. Also. are you hanging them upside down over the solution with tape or just setting them down in it?

  2. Ferric Chloride works well, Radio Shack has it under the name PCB Etchant. I get a good etch in about 30". The real trick is to put long pieces of tape on the back and hang it over the etchant so it touches. This way the etched metals falls into the solution and your piece etches cleaner. Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Yours certainly looks sharp!

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