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Tuesday I had an interesting phone call. I person named Joey wanted a copper and turquoise bracelet to wear to an awards ceremony. I was surprised to learn that it was Joey Feek, the female half of Joey and Rory. Needless to say, I set aside my house cleaning and went straight to my studio. I had a delicious piece of turquoise that needed just the right person to wear it. I made this bracelet and earrings specifically with her in mind.

I met her and Rory yesterday and they are very friendly, down to earth people. She seemed to be delighted with her piece. It was just the dramatic accent that she was looking for to go with her buckskin dress that she was wearing to the CMA Award Ceremony. The top picture was snagged from the website. If you zoom in, you can kind of see the bracelet.

Check out their songs on their website. I know a couple of new songs that will be going on my Ipod now. Living near Nashville is always interesting. You never know who you will meet.

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