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I hope that everyone is having a wonderful start to the New Year. My hubby and I got to spend the evening with one of our sons and his wife, and some other family and friends. We decided to leave before midnight because it was over and hour drive and made it home by 12:05, so we had to stop on the road and kiss and say Happy New Year. Thankfully, it was a deserted country road. The dog woke me up at 8:30 this morning wanting out, so I thought I’d take advantage of the quiet time and type this post.

I have been a very bad girl for the last few weeks when it comes to keeping my blog updated. Over the holidays, we had company for about 2 weeks straight…not the same ones the whole time. First visitors were some friends of ours that do music missions at different places around the world. Their home bases are in Wales and Israel. They kept us entertained and uplifted with beautiful music while they were here. Their website is Mishkanim and you can listen to some of their music there. This video is Howie playing his bouzouki (I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly.) He would get up every morning and sit down and start playing music. The video was taken with my digital camera and not a video camera, so the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The rest of the guests were our kids coming and going throughout the holiday.

I did manage to get a little artwork done. My first inspiration was a new toy/tool that I discovered. It is a small kiln that you can use to fuse glass in your microwave. Can you imagine that! I just had to buy it. It takes just two to three minutes to melt the glass. After that, the most difficult part is having the patience to wait 30 minutes to open the lid. You have to let it cool gradually with the kiln closed. The kit came with everything I needed to make jewelry right when I got it home. It is called Fuseworks. This link is for the manufacturer that sells them only wholesale, but I bought mine at Hobby Lobby. Here is a necklace that I completed using a pendant that I made.Have a happy, healthy, prosperous, peaceful, and creative New Year.
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