Snow at Stillwaters

We got an unexpected surprise on Thursday evening. The weatherman said flurries with no accumulation but this is what happened.
Yes, I know it’s snowing sideways. I’m just tickled because I finally got a video to upload. My digital camera takes short videos and I forgot that if I turn the camera sideways, I can’t just flip the picture upright in Photoshop.

This is the scene that we woke up to on Friday morning. I’m posting this on Saturday and some of it is still here however the temperature is going to be near 60 degrees tomorrow. So fickle is the weather in Tennessee.

I’m enjoying sitting in my warm basement by the woodstove with my laptop, looking out at what’s left of the snow, having a conversation with you.
Here are some very non-wintery earrings that I’ve just recently posted in my Etsy shop.


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