Surprises In The Mail

Don’t you just love to get surprises? I’ve gotten two lately. The first one was from Steph (aka Vladthebt) There was a lovely decorated box in my mailbox and I knew just who it was from when I saw it. The box was chock full of treasures large and small. There was a cool bracelet and lots of beads and a bag full of different kinds of crosses.I just noticed that the bracelet isn’t in this picture because I immediately put it on my wrist. I had such fun looking at the present and planning what I would make with the items.This necklace was made using some of the beads that Steph sent in a previous gift, plus some of my own.The second surprise was from my cousin Sally. She called and said that she was mailing me a box of wool. She has two sheep, Moses and Pharaoh, so this wool was from them with some other types of wool mixed together. The colors are going to be fun to work with and there is some white for me to dye myself.
What a fun jump start that was to my creativity.

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