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Stormy Weather 

Sometimes in Middle Tennessee we have bands of severe thunderstorms that travel through with high winds and hail. We have had the milder edge of the storms this evening, but the more severe weather seems to be north of us where our kids live. I try not to fret. 

 The weather has knocked out our TV signal but the internet still works. Woohoo! I occupy my self by editing and altering the photos I took earlier of the stormy skies. 

When I was a kid, my grandmother was deathly afraid of storms and if we were staying at her house during one, she would put quilts over the windows and make us stay in the front company bedroom under the covers. One time I remember all of us having to go into the root cellar to wait out an especially bad storm. I can still recall the earthy smell…like potatoes. 

For some reason, that fear didn’t rub off on me. I prefer to stand out on my deck and watch the lightening  and take pictures.  


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