Busy Busy Days

Long time, no blog. I have been blessedly busy for the past two weeks. I just finished painting a mural of sorts for some people from our church. They have built a new house and put a prayer room in it. They framed out an area on one wall for a triptych and asked me to paint it. They had pictures that they wanted duplicated for it so I didn’t do anything original. I just took the pictures that they gave me and changed them from a horizontal format to a vertical one and combined some of the images. It was such a stretch for me to paint people, but they are pleased so Hallelujah!

I have also been busy making jewelry. Shawn at Silo Studios asked me if I wanted to bring some for her next open studio sale and so I worked up some new pieces and gathered some that hadn’t sold yet at other places and took them to her house yesterday. I also took some of my daughter-in-law’s jewelry to sell too. Here is one of the necklaces that I made. It incorporates a vintage watch bezel with one of my little winged people inside and has brass wire and words, sterling silver wire, fresh water pearls, and glass pearls. The message is one of my favorite ones, “Time flies, be happy.” I have a couple more watches that I am going to make some similar ones with. This is one of those that I was tempted to keep. I did a couple of bracelets in a similar style but forgot to take pictures of them.

I finally get to stay home today and create and work in my garden. The weather is warm and breezy. Heaven!

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