Wildflowers and Pickles

Not much going on art wise these days. Everyone is keeping me too busy. I seem to be at the mercy of everyone else’s agenda. That’s okay, it’s nice to be needed. I just thought I’d post a picture of one of the wildflowers from our field. This is a purple passionflower and it is Tennessee’s state wildflower. The vines grow wild all over our farm. They make a fruit that we call a Maypop and my boys used to have Maypop battles with their friends. Oh what strange things you do to entertain yourself in the country. The flowers are very fragile when picked, but I got a good scan of this one before it wilted.
My next project will probably be to make dill pickles with my husband. They are his specialty and our family and friends have put in their orders for this year’s batch. He makes them super hot with three or four kinds of peppers, including habeneros. The zucchini and tomatoes have been keeping me busy also. If you were here, I’d send you home with a bag of them.

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