Wedding and Building

Wow! Has it been a whole month since I last posted? I have been so busy that I’ve barely had time to check my email.
The first big news is the wedding of our older son that took place on June 30 in Sarasota, Florida. It was a beautiful, simple ceremony on the beach with immediate family and a couple of their best friends. The lovely photos were taken by the minister’s wife, Natalie Evans. This past Saturday, we had a belated reception for them at our home. I did almost all of the food preparation, including two cakes, and also had some help from my other daughter-in-law and my sister. We had at least 90 people here. I’ve decided that I have no desire to take up catering. That was a big job.
My other occupation for the past 3 weeks has been to help my other son and his wife with the house they are building. My older son is the contractor, but we are doing some of the work and not subbing it out, in order to save money. We have been cleaning and staining the concrete floors and laying tile in the bathrooms. When we get it all cleaned up and finished I will post pictures of the tile. In the master bath shower, we used slate on the walls and added accents of ammonite fossils that they found in the rocks on the property. The floor of the shower is covered with smooth river stones that they picked up in Chattanooga, where they used to live. It is quite unique. Later this week we will be tiling the counter tops. In a couple of weeks they will be moving in and we will have an empty nest again.
Life is constant change and lately it has been wonderful and exciting. I pray daily for the strength to keep up. Uphold your family daily with prayer and cherish every moment with them. Blessings to you and yours.

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